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Denver’s Finest Pet Supply Establishment: Luke & Co.

Going out to eat, purchasing a new suit or dress and even getting your car detailed all have one thing in common- it is about the experience and service as much as the end product. For a lot of people, they may expect this type of dedication from a fine clothing store, jewelry shop, or perhaps from a luxury car dealership. Not from a pet supply store, right? Wrong! I’m excited to tell you about Luke & Company Fine Pet Supply & Outfitter.  In this installment of Man’s Best Friend, we’re going down to visit Luke & Co. at 430 Broadway right here in Denver! 

If you’ve never been, or never heard of this fabulous vendor, Luke & Co is known for fantastic customer service! You will feel this from the moment you walk into the shop. At Luke & Co, they love your pets  and are a true partner in helping you find just the right products for your furry friends. Every employee is consistently focused on delivering the best customer service. They do this, and more.

Luke & Co’s team strives to make it  a one-stop-shop for all your pet’s needs. They offer their clients a superior shopping experience in every way. That’s why they offer things like Same-Day Delivery. sometimes life can get in the way of your every day errands, and that’s why Luke & Co delivers. ( they do it for the price advertised plus a flat fee of $2.75 that doesn’t include any “additional charges”) They make the whole process honest and simple.

All of the quality products  at Luke and Co. carries have been tested and inspected. All kibble and treats are sourced from safe countries and factories without animal by-products, corn or chemicals, which means that your pets get quality food that will keep them happy and healthy.

They offer a lot more than just food and toys. They have a great “do it yourself” dog washing station. Now, you may be thinking, why wouldn’t I just do it at home? Let’s break down what that looks like:

Option 1, destroy your bathroom and face plant in your bathtub as you try to rinse your flailing dog, then when they get out they do the wet dog shake and get water all over your house.

Option 2, go to that overpriced place that charges an arm and a leg before the expensive up charges. Then you can start saving up so you can afford their next washing.

Option 3, My favorite, and recommended option: go to Luke & Co! Because they have 3 affordable wash packages that will get the job done. They even have a few add-ons to customize your wash if you need extra towels, soap etc, they have those too

The number one focus at Luke & Co is, and always has been, the customer and like decades of yester-year, they will work hard to earn your business. Trust me, when it comes time to take care of your pets, give Luke & Co the opportunity to earn your business. You won’t be disappointed.

430 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203
(303) 282-0377


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