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Edgewater’s First Pet-Friendly Brewery: Joyride Brewing Company

After a long day of hiking, walking at the lake or biking with your furry friend, wouldn’t it be great to find a place where you can quench your thirst and bring your buddy with you?  If a frosty, locally brewed pint is your kind of post-adventure beverage, then I’ve found an awesome spot for you to check out: Joyride Brewing Company. Located in Edgewater, this dog-friendly taproom features craft beers on tap and gorgeous views of Sloans Lake.  On this episode of Man’s Best Friend, we’ll chat with co-owner Dave Bergen and get an inside look at what makes Joyride Brewing the best choice for a night out with friends—both human and canine.

Opened since the summer of 2014, Joyride Brewing’s humble beginnings are a testament to the hard work of its owners.  After giving his dad a home brewing kit for Christmas, Dave recalls, he later inherited his own gift when it didn’t really spark his father’s interest.  What began as a hobby blossomed into a passion, and Dave was ready to take his brewing to the next level.  Joining forces with business partners Grant and Brent, they began home brewing out of driveways, basements and garages as they perfected their craft.  Before long, they were producing delicious beer and knew they needed to find a permanent place to make it.  One business plan and a few investors later, and Joyride Brewing Company’s doors were open to the public for the first time.

Edgewater is the perfect place to host a local, community-driven hangout spot: with an area of less than 1 square mile but close in proximity to Downtown Denver, you get to enjoy a small-town feel without being too far from the big city.  You can gaze out at Sloans Lake through the large, roll-up glass garage doors, or head up to the newly added rooftop patio for more views of the lake and Denver’s skyline.  Their selection of craft beers changes frequently, so there’s always something new to try on every visit.  Their beers also cater to a variety of tastes: from their Bearpaw Oatmeal milk stout to seasonal offerings like the Kolsch-style Black Razz Blonde, every pint is bound to wow your palate.

As if a good local beer wasn’t enough to get you through the doors, their pet-friendly taproom makes Joyride Brewing quintessentially Colorado.  With all of the outdoor activities that the Denver area has to offer, Dave and his co-owners felt like it was a natural progression to end a day of hiking or walking by the lake with a cool beer.  Since those activities often include a canine companion, opening the tap-room to dogs felt like a natural choice; customers can come in for a tall glass, and their furry companions can get a cookie and a head scratch from the brewery’s friendly staff.

Joyride Brewing Company’s name invites you to slow down and enjoy the moment, not just the destination.  So if you want to enjoy a delicious beer, amazing views and a great time with friends (both two-legged and four-legged), be sure to check out Edgewater’s first brewery, Joyride Brewing.

2501 Sheridan Boulevard, Edgewater, CO 80214

(720) 432-7560

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