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Northwest Denver’s Best Pet Supply: Mouthfuls

With it’s rich bohemian charm, it’s no surprise that Berkeley’s Tennyson Street would be home to a variety of special and unique shops catering to all types of clientele.  If you think the shoppers in this bustling part of Northwest Denver only walk on two legs, you’d be wrong: we found the most awesome spot for your four-legged, furry friends to explore and do some shopping of their own!  On this episode of Man’s Best Friend, we here at Rhoads Realty will get the scoop on how owners Deb and Tonya created Mouthfuls, an animal oasis catering to Colorado’s canine and feline companions. 

Mouthfuls lies in the heart of Berkeley and beckons its customers with its bright red doors and clear advertisement of its treats, food and toys for dogs and cats.  Inside, bins and shelves are stocked full of tantalizing treats and an assortment of brightly colored toys and accessories for visitors to choose from.  How did two long-time best friends decide to open a shop dedicated to pets?  It all came down to doggy breath.

On a trip to Vegas, the two owners hatched the idea of breath mints for dogs that ultimately sparked a business partnership and product creation.  From humble beginnings working out of their garages, the co-owners opened their first pet supply boutique in Denver and haven’t looked back since.   With a dual passion for animals and a desire to solve problems, Deb and Tonya focused on selling their own products but also those they had encountered along their journey.  As a result, they’ve become a first line of defense for owners looking to give their animals the best nutrition possible.

Mouthfuls carries more products from Colorado companies than any other pet supply store in the state, owing to Deb and Tonya’s desire to create a locally minded store that supports the community.  That community also includes the animals, and it’s one reason that many of the products they carry are at eye-level to their four-legged customers: it makes it that much easier for them to choose their favorites!

In addition to nutrition, you’ll want to check out some of Mouthfuls other pet services, including a microchip scanner to help reunite lost dogs and their owners, as well as patio behind the store for pets (and their owners) to socialize.  Tying together all of the awesome features of Mouthfuls is a strong sense of customer service, something that is not very common in businesses today.  When you visit Deb and Tonya’s charming pet supply boutique, you’ll get a small-town customer service experience that is rare for a busy place like Tennyson Street.  It’s truly what makes Mouthfuls such a gem in the community.

It’s definitely worth a visit to come to a place where the customers’ pets pull them to the doors when they come by.  While Tonya likes to tease customers that they smear bacon grease on the doors to attract their furry friends, the truth is that Mouthfuls was built with dogs in mind, and the space itself shows that. You can find more information, get directions and learn about fun and healthy products for your pet by visiting their website and Facebook page.  So make sure your next trip to Tennyson street includes a visit to Deb and Tonya at Mouthfuls; your pet will thank you!

4224 Tennyson St, Denver, CO 80212

(720) 855-7505

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