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The Best Real Estate Photography Tips to Get Your House to Sell Faster!

Hi, and welcome. We at the Ribble Group are very excited to work with you. As you know, the vast majority of home buyers start their new home search online, so it’s imperative for us to have photos that really shine and display your home in its best light. In this video, I’m going to teach you a few tips, tricks, as well as deliver you a few gadgets to help you take great photos for your listing, so that we can get your home sold quickly. Let’s get started.

Before you photograph your home, it’s important that we get your home truly photographed and show ready. We will schedule a virtual staging consultation with one of our professional stagers to help you get your home perfectly prepped for your photos, and for your virtual tours. Before you have that consultation, however, there are a few housekeeping items that you will want to take care of. Clean and tidy up every room of your home, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, de-clutter surfaces, clean surfaces, vacuum floors, make beds, et cetera, so that when you meet with your virtual staging consult, you are truly ready to stage and photograph your home.

Attached to this email. You will also find a PDF that will have a more robust set of details regarding staging your home, and also some tips for your photography, so make sure you check that out. Now that we’ve gotten your home show ready, and absolutely shiny for your photos, it’s time to get set up. You only need two items in order to take photos of your home, a tripod, which we will deliver to your doorstep, and your smartphone. All you’re going to do is slide your smartphone into the adapter that will already be installed on your tripod, and release each of these, too, for the legs to extend. This will set your tripod between 40 and 50 inches above the ground, which is an ideal height for shooting photos of a home. The goal when photographing your home is to show it in its best possible light.

Again, refer to the PDF for some of the finer points of prepping for photos, but here are some basic tenants to follow. Set up your tribe by between 40 and 50 inches above the ground, which in this case would be extending the legs fully, and doing nothing else. Shoot multiple angles of every room. You’re going to want to shoot from a few different corners, so you can show all the entrances, exits, and transitions to other rooms of your household, as well as shooting straight on.

Additionally, make sure that you take several photos of each angle, so that we have many to choose from, so that when we process and edit them, we can choose the best ones that really make your home shine. The goal here is to try to tell a story, and walk someone through your space virtually with photos, before they ever come and visit your home. So now that you’re ready to do that, all that’s left to do is shoot the photos. Of course, if you have questions or you want help walking through this, call us. Our dedicated team is here to support you, and get you ready to make your home shine.

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